A true meaning of home stay


Mr. & mrs. Rawat

Kuwarji’s Home Stay is an initiate to promote local culture and village Tourism. With 25 years of hard work and experience Mr. Kunwar Singh Rawat and his wife Usha Rawat started an initiate of Home Stay with help and idea of Geetanjali dhar and Prem Singh Rawat to promote local tourism and tourist can connect with actual Home Stays. With over 150 + fruit trees like  guava, mango , apricot, peach, grapes, bananas, amla, mausambi, lemons etc and a mini farm where Mr. & Mrs. rawat grows almost all stuff from vegetables to pulses , spices etc.  

Connect with Kuwarji’s Home Stay – a unique and Authentic Home Stay of Uttarakhand. 


With over 150 + fruit trees, organic farm , natural resourses ,Kuwarji’s Home Stay is situated in foot hills of Lower himalayas, district , Pauri Grahwal , Uttarakhand.

83 Km from Rishikesh

63 Km from Kotdwara 

265 Km from Delhi

1.5 Km trek ( Easy trek along with riverside)

Nearest Railway Station : Kotdwara (63 km)

Nearest Airport – JollyGrant, Dehradun( 100 km)


For Couples

Kuwarji’s Home Stay , a best option for couples who wants to spend some time with nature . You can go for trails around the house or little farther way to enjoy the scenic waterfalls. Good place to do nothing , enjoy a book or paint or just relax and enjoy the calls of birds and animals.
If you love Bird watching, if you love the forests, if you are non-fussy about spending a day or two in a simple village house and understanding the pitfalls and difficulties of loving your roots and hanging onto it in spite of all the difficulties with an innocent villager’s smile, then do make a visit to this Offeat Home Stay in Uttarakhand, Kuwarji’s Home Stay.

kids friendly

Kuwarji’s Home Stay can be the Best Home Stay in Uttarakhand as an  option for kids . Activities like fishing, angling , wild animals, water activites, roam around , waterfalls , swimming kids can enjoy. Best place where family can enjoy weekends and refresh themselves with natural activites and organic food. A Non commercial place , simply home away from home where family can have their time and kids can refresh their minds by doing short nature trials, scenic views and by knowing about different and unique pahadi (Uttarakhand ) culture.


Simple living

Kuwarji’s Home Stay can accommodate 3 families at a time as we have limited rooms .This place is not a hotel or resort or a guest house. It is a simple Indian village house with simple  facilities. This place is not a luxury but very close to nature. Kunwarji is the first among the four houses ready to take in guests in his simple house. He knows the forest around well and can take you around for trails surrounding his hillock and the villages.

Organic Farming

Get Involve in farming activities with Kuwarji’s Home Stay . Most of uttarakhand  peolple’s depends on farming or Animal Husbandry and there is bit different way of farming in hilly areas. Pahadi peoples blessed with natural resources and natural activites , let  youself involve in pahadi culture (uttarakhand) and way of living a pahadi life. 


authentic - stay

Kuwarji’s Home Stay  is around 60 years old – traditional House of Uttarakhand surrounded by nature all around. Kuwarji’s Home Stay, a perfect option for  who want to stay at a home away from home, who do not expect 5-star comfort and who like to rough it out in the wilderness. One Will definitely find unique and amazing experience with our Stay.