Frequently Asked Questions About Kuwarji's Homestay !!

1. What activites do we provide in our Authentic Homestay ?

Our Guests Can Enjoy activities like Bird Watching , Jungle Trek, Nature Walk, Fishing , Angling , Organic Farming, Meditation , Yoga, Self Camping , Self Cooking, Water Fall Views with Delicious Homely Prepared Organic Food in our Authentic Homestay

2. How Kuwarji's Homestay is Different from other Homestays in Uttarakhand ?

Kuwarji’s Homestay, a Rural Tourism in Uttarakhand initiative is simply a true meaning of Homestay where one can connect with cultural, authentic way of living Pahadi Life. Far from artificial facilities and close to Natural Resources , you will surely enjoy a different way of living life using natural resources and nature gifts. Activites like Fishing and angling in uttarakhand, Unexplored waterfalls, Organic Pahadi Cuisine and loving nature of our Hosts will surely give next level experience. 

3. Is Kuwarji's Homestay Safe or Certified ?

Kuwarji’s Homestay is a Certified Homestay in Uttarakhand by Uttarakhand Tourism Govt. of Uttarkhand  and part of  NIDHI (National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry) an initiative towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat,  accommodat- ing nature of our multicultural society and protect all individuals, especially women and children from all derogatory act.  Plan your days in Village Tourism of Uttarakhand  with Kuwarji’s Homestay without any negative thoughts and enjoy your time with Nature. 

4. Is Kuwarji's Homestay a Riveside Homestay in Uttarakhand?

Yes !!! Kuwarji’s Homestay is a Riverside Homestay . Views of unexplored waterfalls, crystal clear water , a dip in natural swimming pools will surely give you a thrilling experience .  Our stay can be the Best Homestay for Summer Holidays in Uttarakhand . The best part is one can enjoy fishing and angling in Kuwarji’s Fish ponds . 

5. Where Kuwarji's Homestay is exactly located ?

We are located in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand , 6-7 hr. drive from Delhi and total distance is 265 km . Nearest Railway Stations are Kotdwara ( 63km), Rishikesh ( 83km) and Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport (100 km), Dehradun. We are 1.5 km far from last motorable road ( Mandlu- parking Point) . 1.5 km trek is a very simple trek along with river side , you willl surely love this nature trial . Kuwarji’s Homestay is one of the Best Homestay near Delhi option for weekends.