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why kuwarji's home stay

Kuwarji’s Home Stay is an Authentic Non Commercial Home Stay built using stones and mud and its around 50 to 60 years old . You will definitely experience unique and amazing tradition of uttarakhand.


INR  :  1200/-   For Single or Solo Traveller

INR :   1000/-    For Couples or more 

These Amounts Includes :

BreakFast , Lunch , Dinner  (Organic Pahadi Food) 

Guide will always there for trekking or hiking like activities

Bird watching

Kuwarji’s Home Stay is an excellent place for bird watching  specially for beginners. If  searching for new birds , chirping sound of birds with nature excites you,  if you love the forests, if you are non-fussy about spending a day or two in a simple village house and understanding the pitfalls and difficulties of loving your roots and hanging onto it in spite of all the difficulties with an innocent villager’s smile, then do make a visit to Kuwarji’s Home Stay. 



Far from Luxury and Commercial Kuwarji’s Home Stay a place where you will connect with simple , Organic and Authentic way Living, Eating and Exploring. Let yourself involve with nature and taste a rough cum adventures days of  your life and have delicious Chuhla prepared Organic Food  and  lot more……..


Explore Garhwali cuisine

Uttarakhandi / Pahadi / Garhwali food is always been perfect and healthy. Explore Garhwali “Bhojan” with Kuwarji’s Home Stay, you will surely love this chuhla prepared Organic Food by our Host 

Live Nature & Have Organic

Filled with Natural Resources and Nature activities Kuwarji’s Home Stay welcome you all to  spend some time nature , explore Pahadi Food, Pahadi Fruits and way of living  less with Technology and  more with Natural Resources

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Village Tourism in Uttarakhand

Kuwarji and his wife Usha Rawat started this initiate of village tourism with helping hands of local peoples so tourist can connect with actual ground of Uttarakhand , can understand how pahadi people living is different and what natural resources Pahadi people taking to be physically fit and lot more. Lets Connect with Village Homestay of Uttarakhand – Kuwarji’s Home Stay